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Chapter Five: Double Trouble

Marel and Dymin then started to walk to the Sacred Garden of The Seasons. Suddenly, Marel saw something prowling in the foliage, followed by a low growl. Marel got her bow and arrow ready to shoot at this monster or creature.

"Marel, what is a matter? There is nothing-," Dymin started before a strange creature jumped out. It had dark gloomy eyes and teeth that look like it could shred through steel.
"In the bushes." Dymin finished. Marel shot at, though it looked like the arrow would have missed it. Without warning, it turned and hit it in the creature's chest. Where the arrow had impacted, vines started to grow out of the wound, pulling the creature to the ground, and killing it.

"What just happened?" asked Dymin. His glaze was glazed in disbelief, and awe.
"I have never seen an arrow do that…so, the magic is real," Dymin concluded.

"Amirael, Amirael, Amirael…why won't you just give up already?" asked Somorin. They were in a dark room, with a single beam of light striking through the ceiling above Amirael. The full moon shone brightly, blinding her.

"I will never give up…there is always hope," declared Amirael. She was chained to a stone table, in a cold room. Now she was wearing some long black dress with black roses and sparkles on it. She jumped a little when she heard Somorin laugh evilly, that just told her that something terrible was coming. Course, what else did she expect? She knew that when her plan dwelt with getting caught she knew that something like this was coming, she wasn't stupid.

"I need you for something, Princess," stated Somorin.

"Like what?" Amirael asked, already knowing the answer.

"Well…to become King of Maddina…to become true King…I must marry the Princess who is in line for the throne," explained Somorin.

"What makes you think I will say yes, and let you destroy my home, my land…not like you haven't already…" mumbled Amirael.

"Listen Princess," Somorin exclaimed, as he shot forward, his hot breath upon her neck.

"I will rule this Kingdom, even if I have to turn you over," he snapped.

"Do it then! But why do you believe this will make anything better! Besides, even if I do turn over, I can turn back!" she yelled.

"Very well Princess. But remember, being a vampire isn't always simple. There are rules you have to follow. As your creator, you must obey my wishes, commands," Somorin whispered in her ear. Suddenly, a strange new strength pulsed through her. She looked at her skin…it…it was glowing!

She then threw her left arm up, breaking the chain, then her right. She then slapped Somorin a good one, followed by a sting in her hand, but, it didn't seem to affect her. She then broke the chains on her legs, and lunged off the table. Her body was still glowing blue that strange strength still remained.

"Impossible! Your father never taught you how!" shouted Somorin.

"No, he didn't," remarked Amirael. Amirael then lunged toward, hands tightly clenched in a fist, ready to punch him in the face. But, just in time, he dodged, and she punched the hard stone wall. But yet, she felt nothing. Even though the wall sure must have cause the wall crumbled and formed a hole where she stroke.

"Wait a minute…the prophecy! It can't be you!" exclaimed Somorin.
Amirael bolted toward Somorin, but he jumped skyward, and seemed to disappear into the shadows. Even though she was glowing, it didn't light up the whole room.
"Show your face you filthy coward!" demanded Amirael. Without warning, a silent whoosh, and calm breeze flew by her. She thrashed out her fist, finding Somorin.
Only, it didn't affect him a lot. Soon after, she felt his hot breath on her neck, followed by piercing pain. She let out a pain filled screech as she fell to the ground. But Somorin caught her. He had succeeded his plan, she was becoming a vampire.

Marel started to feel something on her neck but nothing was there. Then she felt very weak in her head. As she kept on running she started to slow down. Suddenly she finally fell hitting her on the ground knocking her out. The last words she heard was her name being called.

"Marel, Marel!!!"
Here is Chapter Five of the story, The Land of Maddina: The Power of Two.

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Story (c) ~willowstar2 and *melfurny
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