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Chapter Two: "I tried to tell you"

"But-but. How? We have more men than them!" exclaimed Marel.
"They have way stronger creatures and..." Amirael pressed.
"And what?" asked Marel. But then they heard a yelp almost like a dog but sounded like a little girl's scream mixed together. Amirael was now running and it was really hard for Marel to keep up.
"Climb up into this tree!" yelled Amirael but also sound like she was about to cry. Then a huge dog like creature but had a long and sharp nose. It had beady red eyes that made Marel shiver but Amirael did not even flinch. Its claws look like sharp and clear white dangers. Then Amirael took stroke at it, but missed.
Her bow attached to her back was matched with arrows, but, father only teached her about sword fighting. Her long silver sword was clean of blood now, but she didn't seem to care either way. Suddenly the dog like creature lunged at her, but she dodged out of the way. Amirael quickly turned and swung her sword at the dog-like creature. Her swing had cut its leg open.
Soon after, the dog creature yowled in pain. Then Amirael stabbed the dog in the chest and killed it.

Amirael then signaled Marel to come down the tree. Amirael helped her down carefully, but rushed her.
"Hurry! A single Tola is not natural; there must be more of them!" Amirael spoke in a fearful tone. Once Marel was down, Amirael grabbed her arm, and ran, leading her through the darkening woods. The full moon was now high in the sky. The moon's light barely lite the path, due to the fact of the mass of leaves yet still on the trees. The warm summer day was gone, revealing a surprisingly chilly night.
"Where is father? What happened out there!" demanded Marel as they ran.
"Shh!" hissed Amirael when she came to a sudden stop. The floor of the wood began to vanquish into an eerie fog, seeming to seal out the ground. The fog grew tall and stretched wide, soon it was near the sisters, and almost as tall as about 5 ft., getting close to be taller than Amirael. Amirael then froze when she heard a low growl. Her blood began to run cold, goose bumps began to cover her skin.
Her blue eyes narrowed, she knew what this creature was. She whipped around and pushed Marel behind her, coming between Marel and a huge werewolf. The werewolf showed its large, yellow fangs. Amirael felt its foul hot breath upon her face. Its claws extend, ready to fight.
Amirael could feel Marel shaking behind her. She stood still; her eyes meant the werewolf's. Her eyes locked with its. She kept its glare for many moments, until a low, deep chilling voice was inside her head.
"You have a destiny laid out before you…both of you…I mean you no harm young ones…I am Natin Guardian of the Maddina Forest…The Dark Ones, as you call the dark beings of Morda, have taken over…do not fear, they will pay…that is only part of your destiny…I will lead you to the first step of your journey, but from there on, you must do so on your own, for it is your destiny, no one else's," explained the werewolf in Amirael's mind. Amirael didn't know what to think, she was puzzled! Since when could creatures talk in minds? And why didn't father ever say something about this werewolf? By such a title, most should know about him.

Marel was scared to death; not knowing at all what their 'destiny' is or what was going to come. She was scared that it would have a lot of danger weaved within it. As Amirael, Marel and Natin made their way through the creepy forest; they were being pursued by a pack of Tola. Suddenly, a Tola let out a screech. Marel looked back to see one right behind them.
Due to her looking away, she tripped and fell over a large tree root. Amirael swiftly run back to her, and stood between her and the gaining Tolas. Amirael swung her sword, cutting the Tola's chest open. It fell to the ground instantly, by replaced by another leaping at Amirael. Amirael had already known of its plan, and drove her sword skyward, meeting the creatures flesh, followed by her falling due to its weight. She placed her foot on the dead animal to help her at getting the sword out of it. She saw more coming, but her sister was stuck. Suddenly, when a Tola grew near, a dark figure bolted out of the trees and slashed it once with a sword. Amirael was surprised, but then helped the figure and dashed into action. Back to back, they fought the evil Tolas. When she looked back to check on her sister, Natin was guarding her from more approaching Tolas. Finally, they had stopped swarming in one after another. Once the last one was dead, she looked to the stranger.
"Thank you. May I know who are?" asked Amirael.
"Don't mention it. My name is Dymin. I am an outcast…there is no need for who to tell me who you are. I know you are the Princess…I am sorry about your home, yes, I heard. I was just getting ready to head back to my camp when I heard the Tolas' screeches," explained the man, Dymin. He took off his hood and Amirael took in what he looked like.
He was 6 ft., with ruffled black hair; he was wearing dark green clothes under his long dark brown coat. He had his sword in his right hand, blood dripping off the edge. He looked very strong, and handsome. He had a few scratches across his face, his deep blue eyes full of energy, ready to fight. He had a bow and quiver strapped to his back. He looked like he was in his mid-twenties.
"We need to get moving," declared the werewolf.
"You're traveling with a werewolf?" questioned Dymin.
"Well…he isn't just a werewolf. This is Natin, Guardian of the Forest," introduced Amirael, as she walked to Marel and helped her.
"Your Highness, we must be leaving. Now," pressed Natin.
"Very well," answered Amirael. "Oh," Amirael turned back toward Dymin.
"Do you want to travel with us?" invite Amirael. Dymin looked at her, surprised.
"You-you want me to come with you?" he asked, shocked.
"Yeah," replied Amirael.
"Well…yeah. Sure. I-I guess I can," he smiled weakly.

Amirael smiled back. She could tell he didn't smile much. Being an outcast couldn't be easy. She then suddenly felt bad for him.
"You don't need to feel bad for me," he whispered to her. They were now walking through the woods; they were now about a mile from where they were attacked.
"How did-" Amirael began, before he cut her off.
"You have powers you don't know about. One of your powers is like one of mine, you can read minds, and you can talk to creatures and people through their minds. You just were never taught how. I knew what kind of man your father was…insecure. He never wanted to admit that there were powers in this world, he feared it. So, when he found out that you two did, he never taught you," explained Dymin.
"H-How did you know my father?" questioned Amirael.
"I…I was once a member of your Kingdom…you're father had banished me," he answered.
"Why?" asked Amirael.
"I tried to tell you,"
Here is Chapter Two of the story, The Land of Maddina: The Power of Two.

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I hope you like it!

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Story (c) ~willowstar2 and *melfurny
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