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:bulletblue: Traditional Cat Headshot - Example: Random Cat Headshot by melfurny :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: Cost: 10 :points:

:bulletorange: Traditional Cat Full Body Shot - Example: Crystal Headshot by melfurny :bulletorange:

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:bulletyellow: Digital Cat Full Body Shot - Example: RQ - Chalmers333's Cat for The Eight Kingdoms by melfurny :bulletyellow:

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:bulletpink: Digital Double Cat Shot - Example: Snowfall - Crystal and Talos by melfurnyUnder The Starry Sky With You by melfurny :bulletpink:

:bulletgreen: Cost: 15 :points:

:bulletpink: Traditional Double Cat Shot - Example: TLF - We're Beautiful Like Diamonds In The Sky by melfurny :bulletpink:

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:bulletred: Traditional Human Headshot - Examples:

> Girl Headshots Princess Zelda - Little Skecth by melfurnyTraditional Person Practice by melfurnyEvaleana - Oh Really? by melfurny

> Guy Headshots The Next Enchanter - The Silent Raven - Updated by melfurnyKaynen - That's An Excellent Question by melfurny

:bulletgreen: Cost: 10 :points:

:bulletred::bulletred: Traditional Double Human Headshot

:bulletgreen: Cost: 15 :points:

:bulletblack: Digital Stamp/Icon - Example: The-Felidae-Realm Icon by melfurnyProud to be a Zelda Fan Stamp by melfurnySandy Breeze Stamp by melfurny :bulletblack:

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Mel Mel
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

:iconchalmers333:'s twitch face!! --> O_e (I'm gonna use this a lot. Just to be silly. XD)


A 15 year old girl holds hands with her 1 year old son. People call her a slut, and no one knows she was raped at the age of 13.
People call another guy fat, no one knows he has a serious disease causing him to be overweight.
People called an old man ugly. No one knew he had a serious injury to his face while fighting for our country in the war.
Repost this if you are against bullying, I bet 95% of you won't.

TCoE Icon - The Deity Jewels by melfurny

Commission Icon Legend of Zelda Fairy by Alamino:iconcommissionsopen::iconcollabsask:.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot

Requests are for my good friends only sorry

Awesome Journal Sticker, Melfurny's Request (Journal Sticker) by StarKittyAkemi made by StarKittyAkemi

About Moi (me)

:bulletblue: I am a girl.
:bulletblue: My nicknames are, Mel Mel, MM, Small Child, Catwoman and Manay (Mah-neigh). XD
:bulletblue: I am straight.
:bulletblue: I love cats and wolves.
:bulletblue: I have brown-blond hair.
:bulletblue: I have blue eyes.
:bulletblue: I play a little minecraft.
:bulletblue: I am slowly getting better at art. XD (I honestly like my traditional better than digital)
:bulletblue: I watch Toby Games.
:bulletblue: I have a YouTube,…
:bulletblue: I LOVE to Rp!
:bulletblue: I raise sheep and cows. ^-^
:bulletblue: I dislike drama and haters. And bullies. Even though I haven't really been bullied, I don't like it. It is wrong, and should be stopped. It can destroy lives and I feel like not enough people understand that fact.
:bulletblue: I want to be a famous writer someday.
:bulletblue: I'm writing a little series right now!
:bulletblue: I am in FFA and 4-H.
:bulletblue: I'm hillbilly proud. XD
:bulletblue: I found myself frequently speaking different accents. XD
:bulletblue: I am not a vegetarian.
:bulletblue: I am a big fan of The Legend of Zelda.
:bulletblue: I am not insane nor emo.
:bulletblue: I love to help my friends through their troubles, and fight their fears.
:bulletblue: I am a cowgirl.
:bulletblue: I don't like cites.
:bulletblue: I try not to cuss.
:bulletblue: I play soccer and run CC.
:bulletblue: I don't give in easily cuz I'm stubborn, runs through my family I guess. ^-^
:bulletblue: I stand for what's right.
:bulletblue: I am Independent.
:bulletblue: I love to make new friends.
:bulletblue: I love sunsets, flowers, adventure, and nature.
:bulletblue: I have been told I am funny, outgoing, friendly, understanding, and that I'm a fast sprinter.
:bulletblue: I'm against abuse, but I'm NOT with Peta.
:bulletblue: I love bacon. And beef. And lamb. And yes, I am willing to fight for gun rights and to keep my meat. No one touches my meat.
:bulletblue: I fight for gun rights because guns don't kill people. People kill people for money, religion, land and other resources. And many other dumb reasons cuz people are crazy like that. XD But of course I can understand death over protection, defense, etc.
:bulletblue: ....for some random reason, I can eat a LOT but I don't gain much weight. Mostly cause I have a high metabolism. I may spend a lot of time working on my book than I do out running hardly anymore, but some days I am sure to get my fitness mood together and workout. XD :icontruestoryplz: And yes. I have a mood for fitness. I have mood for boredom and eating even. :iconhideplz:
:bulletblue: Mess with and be a jerk to my family and or friends, I hope you're hungry, cuz you're gonna get a knuckle sandwich! :iconcomeatmebroplz:

:star: And if you haven't noticed...I talk a lot. :iconbiggrinplz: :star:


No Preview

The Azure Sapphire - Support Stamp by Cymix-ProductionsThe Flora Emerald - Support Stamp by Cymix-ProductionsThe Crimson Ruby - Support Stamp by Cymix-Productions

People I know In Real Life

:iconbobekite::iconsillyswimmer101:(formerly willowstar2) > my cool cousins!

:iconpyrokrow::iconturtlyawesome::iconcrystaklear: > awesome best friends!



Good Online Friends In No Order (still working)


Fun People To RP With (still working)


Everyone and anyone who is nice to me and my friends and family is a friend of mine.

I am truly sorry if you are not on here and you want to be. Just ask, and I will add you. I meet so many people it is hard to keep track...I am really sorry.

My Fav Ninjas! xD

:bulletorange: :star: Recognition! :star: :bulletorange:

:iconpyrokrow: --> My cool RL Best Friend that introduced me to DA. Thank you Jadey! :hug:

:iconthe-lost-felidae: --> First Real Rp Group I joined when I joined DA. *cough**cough* join this group now! XDD

:iconpink-pixie-dust: --> First person I Rped with, and I had a lot of fun! Thank you pixie! ^-^

:iconthe-eight-kingdoms: --> The First Rp Group I Founded. ( And is still going today! Btw, you should join! ;) )



Awesome stamp made by, :iconorchidsong24:, You Haven't Lived by OrchidSong24. This is sooo true!

Request Journal…

Request I have done.

RQ - Bluefeather by melfurnyRQ - Brighteyes by melfurny RQ - Brightheart - Let It Rain by melfurnyRQ - Cinderpelt - May StarClan Be With You by melfurny RQ - Flower Patch by melfurny

Funny Pictures and Mini Videos!

Cute kitten little movie -…
Another Little Cat Video -…
Funny The Legend of Zelda Video -…
The Hunger Games Cats -…
SMOSH - Link vs Navi -…
Forest Gump - Luitenant Dan!! -…
Lol - Cat - Push!! -…
Lol Loki -…
Patrick Trip -…
Kitty Yawn -…
Lol Let Me Love You -…
My Precious - Cat -…
Angry Birds -…
Attack of Flying Cats!!! -…

 photo Loki-Iregretnothing.gif

 photo Hockey Fail.gif

 photo Kola Bear  .gif

 photo LOL That's  Post #382  .gif

 photo Sacrifice  .gif

 photo Behind Me  .gif

 photo No Memory Of This Place  .gif

 photo Come At Me Bro Owl  .gif

 photo Dumbledore Dance  .gif

 photo Kitty Dance  .gif

 photo Crazy Cat  .gif

 photo Random  .gif

 photo Random  .gif

 photo One Does Not Simply Be The Leaf  .gif

 photo OMG  .gif

 photo The Hobbit - Going On An Adventure  .gif

 photo B-Face Loki.gif

 photo Face Palm Loki.gif

 photo Face Yeaaaah Loki.gif

 photo Fat Cat Squeeze Wiggle.gif

The Eight Kingdoms!!The Eight Kingdoms Divider 2 by melfurny

Angel and Rusco - Headshot by melfurnySandy Breeze Stamp by melfurnyThe Eight Kingdoms Banner by melfurnyForest Kingdom Banner by Forever-FrostThe Eight Kingdoms Divider 1 by melfurnyThe Eight Kingdoms : Member's Pride Stamp / Icon by melfurny

Rusco and Angelica Journal Doll by pink-pixie-dust made by the awesome :iconpink-pixie-dust:!! ^-^

to encourage 'em to make a Jelsa movie!!! :D…

Please please please help! All Jelsa fans out there are so excited and we really want a movie! <3

My reasoning for Jelsa...

    I've seen people who support Jack/Rapunzel...well...they would be okay, but she is married to Flynn and very happy! And well, Elsa and Jack however, are both single and lonely. :/ Poor Elsa needs someone who knows/or who has experienced such things. Anna may have helped her learn what she needed to do to bring back summer, but still...what if things go wrong again? And plus, she needs a King! And Jack is perfect! I am not mainly just going off by how they both have magic powers, but rather by how much they would complete each other. ^-^ One is fun loving and the other used to be before she was concealed in fear of what she possessed. Jack should come in and show her that they called a 'curse' is actually, a gift. :D

Btw, this petition isn't mine. I'm just spreading the word and link of it. :D And for anyone who is taking this petition as an insult, please do not. I don't wanna make anyone upset. I'm not a big fan of drama and bullcrap like that. But anyone, after talking to someone below in the comments, they have made a very valid point just by being simply realistic. It is unfortunate that Disney and Dreamworks are rivals and that Jack and Elsa's worlds aren't compatible. It really sucks. Personally, I feel like this whole shipping thing, is just something fans do just to have a little fun in a fantasy of their own idea of what could happen. I know when Zutara was big and the creators of Avatar didn't let it happen, a lot of fans (that support Zutara anyways) were upset. But I mean that's typical. You can't make every happy. ^-^ And to be honest, I know I've heard people say things like, 'they shouldn't try to follow by what fans always say, they need to make the decisions on their own since it is their show and their story'.

Anyway, for those Jelsa Shippers out there who are still optimistic and continue to still believe in the dream of Jelsa coming true, I am still making Jelsa AMVs, and I'm still forever a supportive Jelsa fan. I don't know if the creators of Jack and Elsa will take the idea of Jelsa offensively, hopefully they don't too much. Jelsa is a fandom, in a way, looking at a realistic view, it is probably just a fantasy we fans continue to crave. :D But oh well! Shipping is fun and in a way, I think of it as a game at times. Its just my opinion, no one has to agree. ^-^ I'm just gonna keep making Jelsa videos and continue thinking of crazy fanfictions to write. Hahaha, so many possibilities! Well, I'm done lecturing and blabbing. xD

Anyway, now...for those who have seen my Youtube account, I bet you've noticed that I've been making tons and tons of Jelsa AMVs. :D

Here is a playlist of them if you're interested! ^-^…

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